Core value

  1. Trustworthy: Trust is a keyword in all of the activities, circumstances with customers, partners and colleagues. We do what we undertake, and we only undertake what we can do with full responsibility for all of that.
  2. Intelligence – in performing work and solving situations. To adapt to the increasing demand in a fast-change world, we have to keep studying, sharing knowledge and experience and enriching our skills. Our business plan has to be set up under simple, scientific and  effective method. We continuously improve our silves to meet the demand of the real changeable market.
  3. Humanity: in relationships with colleagues and customers. We consider the right people for the right position to develop our company. We create a friendly, humanity and equal working environment to help our people to make our dream come true.
  4. Discipline: Company’s staff are requested to perform their work under the rules and regulations set by the company and society.
  5. Spirit: We always keep our mind with start-up spirit to catch up with the era of economic integration and industrial revolution 4.0.
  6. On time: We finish the work on time and meet the customer’s requirements.