Premium Film Faced Plywood

Size: 1220*2440mm/1250*2500mm

Thickness: 12mm,15mm,17mm,18mm, 21mm

Thickness tolerance: By EN standard: 315:2000

Tolerance: Size(length/width) +/- 1.0mm/m Two diagonal lines +/- 1.0mm

Face: Two sides covered with dark brown phenolic film/black,Quantitative 170 gram/m2

Standard link and Fomaldehyde: WBP Melamine glue 20% Water resistant glue, Density of planks 640-670kg/m3

Number of uses: Up to 20 times

Core: 100% Eucalyptus, Acacia (sanding 2 times)

Hot Pressing: 2 times,

Cold Pressing: 2 times